Themes & events at CAPAS 2024

2024 Event review

Southwest Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2024


Under the promotion of new products, services, and business models, new energy vehicles, along with other digital and intelligent products, will stimulate consumption and becoming a new growth point in various countries. This trend will also driving the vigorous development of the aftermarket. This forum will concentrate on the ecological chain of the automotive aftermarket in the Southwest region and the aftermarket development of new energy vehicles, and invite industry experts from Southeast Asia to focus on current hot topics such as new energy, digitalization, and going abroad. Invite industry experts and leading enterprise representatives from home and abroad to jointly analyze the aftermarket changes and opportunities of new energy in the Southwest region.

Venue:Forum Area, Hall 2

International Cooperation Conference on China's Automotive Supply Chain 2024


This conference will focus on the security and competitiveness of China's automotive industry supply chain, discuss how to complete the construction of new ecosystem in the automotive supply chain, and how to fully build green development opportunities and challenges for the entire automotive industry chain under the "dual carbon" strategic goal. At the same time, with the high-quality development of electrification and intelligence in automobiles, the development opportunities and challenges that the Sichuan and Chongqing automotive industry chain may encounter will also be discussed in detail at this conference.

Venue:Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, Crystal Ballroom

International Automotive Industry Education and Talent Development Forum 2024


With the rapid development of the global automotive industry, the new energy vehicle industry technology has not only leveraged the tremendous changes in the automotive industry, but also spurred the talent demand for new industry workers such as vehicle maintenance personnel, charging station maintenance personnel, and battery swapping technology support personnel. CAPAS, as a grand event in the Southwest region of the automotive industry that integrates industry exchanges, commercial investment, and industry education integration, will work together with the Mercer, IMI, vocational colleges, and automotive enterprises to promote education and talent development through the Southwest Automotive Industry Education and Talent Development Forum to establish connections between government, schools and enterprise, to realize the integration of industry and education, and resource sharing to promote the high-quality development of the transformation and upgrading of the Southwest automotive industry, and create a new model for cultivating skilled talents in the automotive industry.

Venue: New Energy Vehicle Industry-Education Integration Zone 3G26

Automotive Service Skills and Car Films Tinting Competition (Chengdu Station)

Smart transport technology concept for future car traffic on newish city road

In the field of new four modernizations in automobiles, the construction of automotive window film and paint protection film has become a highly concerned technology. Car window film and paint protection film are intelligent protective films for cars, which can protect the vehicle from scratches, stains, and other external factors. This competition invites car enthusiasts and professional technicians from all over the country to participate, aiming to showcase their skills in the construction of car window films and paint protection films through the competition. and increasing public awareness and attention to car skill services as well. The highlight of this competition is the adoption of a new scoring standard. In addition to traditional tint time and process requirements, evaluation items for environmental protection, safety, and creativity have also been added. Contestants not only need to demonstrate superb skills, but also fully consider factors such as environmental protection and safety, and make contributions to the future development of automotive technology. 

Venue: 3R25, Hall 3

2nd " New Energy Aftermarket + OEM" Study Tour—Thematic Activities of Automobile Aftermarket


Nowadays, NEVs is in  a period of rapid development, with more and more new energy vehicles occupying the market, and the development of Chengdu's new energy industry has inherent advantages, the 2th  " New Energy Aftermarket + OEM" Study Tour—Thematic Activities of Automobile Aftermarket  will jointly organized by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, Magic Cube Auto-Aftermarket and Chengdu Automobile Industry Academy. We invite talents from all over the country to Chengdu to learn about the rapid development of new energy vehicle in the Chengdu market.

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