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2024 Event review

Southwest Automotive Aftermarket Development Conference 2024


Driven by new products, services and business models, new energy vehicles, along with other digitalised, intelligent and eco-friendly products, are sparking a new global wave of consumption. They have become a growth point in consumer markets worldwide and are also driving rapid development of the automotive aftermarket.
This conference will focus on the automotive aftermarket ecosystem in Southwest China, as well as aftermarket development of new energy vehicles, with key discussions on the status and model of regional aftermarket. The forum has also invited consulting firms to examine hot topics such as new energy and digitisation. Industry experts and leading representatives from both domestic and international companies will jointly analyze the changes and opportunities of new energy aftermarket in Southwest China.

Venue:Meeting Area, Hall 2

International Cooperation Conference on China's Automotive Supply Chain 2024


This conference will focus on the security and competitiveness of China's automotive industry supply chain, discuss how to complete the construction of new ecosystem in the automotive supply chain, and how to fully build green development opportunities and challenges for the entire automotive industry chain under the "dual carbon" strategic goal. At the same time, with the high-quality development of electrification and intelligence in automobiles, the development opportunities and challenges that the Sichuan and Chongqing automotive industry chain may encounter will also be discussed in detail at this conference.

Venue:Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, Crystal Ballroom

International Automotive Industry Education and Talent Development Conference 2024


In the 2024 Government Work Report, it emphasizes that efforts should be made to vigorously promote the construction of a modern industrial system and accelerate the development of new productive forces to drive high-quality development. With the development of technological revolution and industrial transformation, the automotive industry, as a key sector of the national economy, is talent and technology-intensive. In 2023, both production and sales of China’s automobile exceeded 30 million, reaching a historic high and maintaining the global number one position for 15 consecutive years, and at the same time leading the global development of electrification and intelligence. The integration and development of the automotive industry rely on high-quality talent, especially under the rapidly growing of new energy vehicles. Talent supply and demand, salary levels, age, and education have become widely discussed topics in the industry.
As a significant automotive event in Southwest China that combines industry exchanges, trade investment, and industry-education integration, this year’s CAPAS  launched the New Energy Vehicle Industry-Education Integration Zone. The zone includes conference, live training, and dissemination of recruitment information. The plan is to comprehensively promote talent development through activities such as International Automotive Industry Education and Talent Development Conference, school-enterprise collaboration, recruitment information dissemination, and training in new energy vehicle three-electric system maintenance.
The International Automotive Industry Education and Talent Development Conference 2024 will collaborate with renowned human resources service platform Zhaopin, well-known training institutions, vocational colleges, and employers. During the forum, they will discuss talent cultivation and explore new trends and strategies for development in the context of new energy and revolution of intelligent connected technology. The goal is to enhance collaboration between industry, academia, and research institutes, and to facilitate effective connections between education, talent, industry, and innovation chains.

Venue: New Energy Vehicle Industry-Education Integration Zone 3G26, Hall 3

National Automotive Service Skills Competition and "UPPF Automotive Decoration" Cup Film Maker Competition Chengdu Station 2024

Smart transport technology concept for future car traffic on newish city road

In the field of new four modernizations in automobiles, the construction of automotive window film and paint protection film has become a highly concerned technology. Car window film and paint protection film are intelligent protective films for cars, which can protect the vehicle from scratches, stains, and other external factors. This competition invites car enthusiasts and professional technicians from all over the country to participate, aiming to showcase their skills in the construction of car window films and paint protection films through the competition. and increasing public awareness and attention to car skill services as well. The highlight of this competition is the adoption of a new scoring standard. In addition to traditional tint time and process requirements, evaluation items for environmental protection, safety, and creativity have also been added. Contestants not only need to demonstrate superb skills, but also fully consider factors such as environmental protection and safety, and make contributions to the future development of automotive technology. 

Venue: 3R25, Hall 3

2nd New Energy Vehicles After-sales Visiting Automobile Manufactory Plant - Auto Aftermarket Tour


Currently, new energy vehicles (NEVs) are in rapid development. An increasing number of NEVs are capturing the market, and Chengdu’s new energy industry development has inherent advantages. In preparation for CAPAS, the second edition of “New Energy Aftermarket - Entering OEMs”, automotive aftermarket study tour was jointly organised by Magic Cube Auto-Aftermarket, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co Ltd, and Chengdu Automobile Industry Academy. Elite professionals from across the country are invited to Chengdu to learn about the rapid development of new energy vehicles in the local market.

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